The profile of mineral waters
Each mineral water is unique: the composition and the mineral content bring peculiar taste and properties

Mineral waters are classified basing on their fixed residue, the quantity of mineral salts dissolved in a litre of water following the evaporation at 180°C expressed in milligrams/litre:
  • Very low mineral content water: its mineral salt content is below 50 mg/l. They are light waters which, because poor in mineral salts, help diuresis and the expulsion of small kidney stones.
  • Low mineral content water: its mineral salt content does not exceed 500 mg/l. Our Misia, Viva, Lieve and Rugiada waters are included in this category and, thanks to the few mineral salts presents, are excellent meal waters, fit to be drunk every day, and they furthermore carry out an exceptional diuretic action and have a very low sodium content.
  • Mineral water: contains mineral salts for a value between 500 and 1500 mg/l. They have different application basing on the type of substances present in them (calcium, sulphur, iron, magnesium, bicarbonate).
  • Rich in mineral salts water: its mineral salt content exceeds 1500 mg/l. They are very rich in salts, therefore they must be drunk specifically for healing purposes and under medical prescription: they can be purchased from the chemist.