The correct hydration
Water and our organism: when and how much to drink
Mineral waters represent the main and most effective natural mean for salt and water restoration of our organism.

Below are a few practical tips on the advantages of a correct hydration, the moments when drinking is required and the role played by water in our body.

The role of water in our organism:
  • Removes stagnation: a better hydration supports the elimination of waste which causes the swelling of tissues, fighting retention.
  • Stimulates intestinal activity: improves the intestinal emptying, with a remodelling and anti-swelling effect.
  • Reduces weight and hunger: once purified and hydrated by water, our organism finds easier to dispose fatty deposits and speeds up the slimming processes, furthermore, by drinking more between meals, the stomach is filled and nervous hunger is prevented.

How much to drink:
The two litre bottle is the right dose for an adult. The liquids delivered to the body by fruit and vegetables must be added to this quantity, up to a maximum of 3 litres a day.

When to drink:
You can drink two glasses of water while eating: not more or your digestion will be bad and not less because food, in order to be digested, needs to be softened.