Benefits from siami waters
The properties of our low mineral waters: misia, viva, rugiada and lieve
MISIAVIVARUGIADA and  LIEVE are our low mineral content waters whose following properties are well renowned:
  • DIURETIC: they are quickly absorbed and disposed, stimulating the renal function. The lightly mineralized ones carry out a preventive action, supporting the elimination of uric acid and of the metabolic waste.
  • REFRESHING: they have mineral salts and oligodynamic elements which relieve well the thirst.
  • MINERALIZING: in some low mineral content waters the calcium content satisfies the daily need of the organism. And do not forget that sodium has an impact on pressure, magnesium on the nervous system and fluoride on cavities and the health of teeth.
  • DIGESTIVE: they help the digestion process, preventing the formation of gastric juices.