The mineral water springs

from italy's green heart, purity, lightness and mineral salts
The mineral water springs

Along the Northern belt of Regione Umbria the magnificent scenery of a green and uncontaminated nature can be admired. Here, at the foot of Ingino mount, lies Gubbio. The surrounding valley is circled  by a mountain crown rich in woodsvineyardsolive groves and the green shows unmistakeably beautiful shades. From these mountains, the city is enriched by a further treasure, the RUGIADA low mineral content water, which is bottled also under the LIEVE brand, the gift from a nature which is benevolent in mixing purity, lightness and mineral salts.

In Ponte village, within the  Cerreto di Spoleto municipality is located the historical SIAMI plant in which the VIVA and MISIA waters are bottled.  

VIVA water is collected from a deep reservoir, located in the core of the Monti Sibillini Natural Park, green Umbria's uncontaminated landscape heritage.

MISIA is a low mineral content water  coming from a very deep reservoir. Following a long underground trip, from ancient springs close to Sibillini mountains, it gushes at the foot of the ridge where the Ponte village lies. From there, MISIA on the tables of Italian families arrives with all is natural purity.