Italy's green heart

Italy's green heart

MISIAVIVARUGIADA and LIEVE waters, bottled in our Gubbio and Cerreto di Spoleto plants, are nourished by the precious mineral resources of Umbria, Italy's green heart.

PerugiaGubbioSpoleto are only a few of the cities which represent the history, the culture of our region and the natural landscapes that characterise it.
With is natural and art marvels, venturing through Umbria's medieval villages, is like taking a surprise packed trip, in which traditions, art, food&wine and big International musical events live together with a savage nature made of ancient beechescaves and mountains.
And more,Umbria is rich in water.

Starting from Trasimeno Lake, then with  Piediluco Lake whose effluent, the Velino river, is directed towards Marmore where it jumps into Nera river,  forming the Marmore Falls, one of the highest in Europe. 
Not only rivers and lakes, Umbria's subsoil is rich in mineral thermal waters.  From Città di Castello, passing through Spello and Assisi, Umbria's thermae offer many opportunities for taking care of your body and health.